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Capabilities Development for Aligning Organization with Strategy

One of our prestigious clients, a Flavor & Fragrance House (“FFH”), needed to assess leadership capabilities at their manufacturing facilities (the “Facilities” or each “Facility”) across the world in order to boost performance and build the foundations for successful change. Their Operations Strategy identified the necessity to design a new operating model for the Facilities and identify future leaders to drive FFH’s efficiency and success. From this Strategy, a complete organization review started aligning people, culture and strategy.

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A world-class development program to boost sales performance.
And sustain it.

One of our prestigious clients, a Luxury Jewelry Retailer, needed to enhance the capabilities of its workforce in order to accelerate sales. Their strategy identified a need to increase the succession bench strengths for the sales population to aggressively compete in the market. From this strategy a full organization review started.

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Expand managerial competencies depth, ensuring a strong long-term efficiency

Our Investment Services client, who wishes to remain anonymous (here after named “InvestCo”), has recently opened offices in Switzerland close to Geneva.

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Best Suitable Candidate For Management Position In Sports Industry

Deciding between Tom, Jane or Harry

Our client in the sport industry who wishes to remain anonymous (hence thereafter named “Premier European sports association”) and Affentranger Kveton + Partners (“AK+Partners”) began their partnership in 2014 with the intention of professionalizing and structuring Premier European sports association’s recruitment and career development processes.

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Leading strategy change and Entrepreneurial mindset through leaders at all levels

Our client in the bank sector, who wishes to remain anonymous, has re-aligned their Visions and Strategy Pillar to becoming a more agile organisation with entrepreneurial mindset. Beside enhancing managerial and leadership competencies, the Client wanted to boost the synergies and break down silos to create an empowered and agile organization.

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