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Our Investment Services client, who wishes to remain anonymous (here after named “InvestCo”), has recently opened offices in Switzerland close to Geneva.

InvestCo opened in 2015 with 30 employees and rapidly expanded over the course of the first year to reach 60. This rapid growth, while bringing success, brought its challenges: make individual contributors people managers and future leaders of InvestCo!

Beside enhancing managerial competencies and readiness for promotion, our client wanted to focus on the development of team efficiency.

A core group of 14 individual were identified as talents – the future of the company’s leadership.

Consequently, the company’s CEO reached out to AK+Partners to propose a collaboration.

A two-year academy was designed for the 14 talents, focusing on leadership, team efficiency, skills enhancement. Working with the individual and the group, with different partners and experts, the talents had the chance to participates in various trainings, team building activities, mentoring and executive coaching programs and had the opportunity to build a personal and professional project.


InvestCo needed to expand managerial competencies depth, ensure strong team efficiency, and focus on the strategic objectives. The objectives:

  • Build the future leadership team and retain talents
  • Manage the company’s growth with efficient teams
  • Adapt to market evolutions with on-going knowledge transfer/training


In collaboration with InvestCo’s CEO and HRD, AK+Partners has developed a uniquely tailored two year program to help the company’s talent pool improve and develop skills that will lead them to be more prepared for promotion and enhance their managerial competencies. The program covers leadership abilities as well as self-leadership skills and team development.

This project includes many workshops: Emotional Intelligence, Intuition, Empathy, Situational Leadership, Delegation, Communication & Coaching among others.

To bring the best expertise and ensure diversity in the delivery, two external partners were invited to contribute to the program.

Multiple resources have been given to the talents. Among them, mentors (Management team members) trained for two days by AK+Partners and a professional external coach. In addition, talents were paired with another colleague to be “partners” throughout this program.

Predictive Index® Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments, 360Feedback and Talent review assessments were done periodically to boost self-awareness and the understanding of others.


Half way into the program, both results and feedback are positive and seem to already benefit the talents and InvestCo. Continued business growth, engaged talents and enhanced management practice are some proofs of the benefits of the program. Feedback given by talents and management team reported that the team has built a strong bond and friendly relationships, reinforcing cohesion, collaboration and synergy, which is beneficial for the work atmosphere in the offices and the business.

Based on this first success at InvestCo, AK+Partners was asked to develop a strategy program for the members of Management Team, and all diagnostic solutions (PI® and CATIL®) were retained for on-going use at InvestCo allowing better recruitment, individual development and team development.

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